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At One Tefl we strive to provide you with an affordable and informative learning experience that will help you develop as a teacher, long after finishing the course. One TEFL has been created to make TEFL useful. Not just a different scenario lesson plan certificate, that does not prepare you for your future life and the education of your future students.
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A TEFL is the new passport to the world. With a TEFL you are able to live and teach in multiple countries throughout the world. This could be the new start you have been looking for!

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One TEFL will give you all the information and skills you need to become a qualified TEFL teacher. Through our course, you will gain the qualification and knowledge needed to be successful in your new career.


Visit our free resource links that will help you not only to help you get through your TEFL course, but find a place of work, in addition to continue to create exciting, dynamic lesson plans as well as how to execute those lesson.

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You're only a few clicks away from starting your new life as a TEFL teacher, wherever you choose.


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We designed this TEFL course after realising that the courses currently out there aren't suitable for the modern TEFL Teacher and only really teach how to make lesson plans. We ,at OneTEFL, have strived to make the most complete TEFL course on the market today.
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