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OneTEFL is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference in their students lives. OneTEFL was started when I realisation that the current TEFL courses on the market were not helping the students develop after their course had finished and were more of a write a different lesson plan for a different scenario, learn very basic grammar, and taught some non-educational, unrelated classroom games. There is an overwhelming common belief that when teachers look back at their TEFL course, it was unrelated to the real world of teaching. One TEFL is different as it builds you up from the bottom and gives you the skills to research and to knowledge of growing technologies and teaching methodology. Why are we called OneTEFL? Because one is the beginning of everything, because you have to be Odd to be number One, Because teaching is the ONE profession that creates all other professions...... and well... Because OneTEFL is Wonderful!!!
Is OneTEFL Accredited? In short, no. But there is no real thing. There is no real TEFL accreditation centre that solely focuses on the quality of the course. There are certificates that claim to have accreditation but these are credited from for profit companies. We could get accredited simply by paying $1500 per year, but we would need to move that change on to you, so our fees would be higher. As soon as there is a government accreditation we will apply, but until then. We will keep the costs low to benefit you. For now, you should be cautious of TEFL Companies that claim to be accredited as it may be likely that they have set up an accreditation website themselves. OneTEFL does have a unique certificate verification on our website. Rest assured that teachers around the world are currently using Their One TEFL Certificate.
One TEFLs teachers are all Master Qualified teachers in the field of Education and have graduated from an English speaking University. This does not mean that all our teacher are native speakers. It is One TEFLs belief that being a native speaker does not automatically give you ownership of the language. We have worked with Non-Native English Speaking Teachers that have known more about the language than English Speakers. All of our teacher are vetted and have passed out standards of teaching ability, language knowledge and commutative English.
One TEFL want to continue to grow and help you develop continually during your teaching life. That is why we plan to make new courses for the future. However, to be able to uphold OneTEFL's quality we will not just make any course and sell it. It takes a long time of research and development of course before we will publish it for the public. Our first 120-hour TEFL course took over two years of development before we published it. That said, we do have these courses, at various stages ,in the pipeline; Technologies in the classroom TESOL Exams Online Teaching TEFL for Kids TESP Business TEFL Grammar If you are interested in any of the courses above, please contact us and we can email you when they are published.


Everyone at OneTEFL would like to wish you the best of luck in your teaching career and we are more than happy to help you throughout it, Not just during the course.

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